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Renovating and designing Trung Son spa in Can Tho

Renovating and designing Trung Son spa in Can Tho
Project Field: Cosmetic
Project location: Cần Thơ
Area: 70 m2
Accessories: Mika,Baamboo,Russian oak wood

Nowadays, the needs for beauty of people are increasing. This leads to the number of spa appearing more and more. Faced with so many options, customers always want to feel satisfied and relax in comfortable and comfortable spaces. Therefore, the aesthetic factor of the spa is always the most concerned. This made him choose a spa design renovation solution to upgrade the interior and exterior space of his old house.


Information about Trung Son spa design

  • Investor's name: Trung Son Beauty Salon Co., Ltd (Truong Thanh Son)
  • Address:  Vincom Shophouse Xuan Khanh, 209 30/4 Street, Xuan Khanh, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho Province
  • Category: Full shop 
  • Area: 70m2
  • Style: Modern, luxurious
  • Time: August 2021

​Mặt bằng bố trí spa Trung Sơn
The layout of Trung Son spa

The idea of ​​​​renovating Trung Son spa

After receiving the request from Mr. Son - Spa’s owner, Masta's architects had a field visit to survey the first floor of this spa with the following current conditions that need to be renovated:

  • There is no signs in front of the door of the 1st floor
  • The interior is too simple and shows signs of deterioration, out of date
  • The room is a bit dark and has no outstanding highlights

​Hiện trạng spa Trung Sơn trước khi thiết kế và thi công

Status of Trung Son spa before design and construction

After understanding the actual situation, the architect discussed carefully about the wishes of the investor to come up with appropriate construction solutions. The architect uses the textures and colors of the existing brand logo, using simple shapes in accordance with the current status of the building. Specifically, the items that need to be designed and renovated include:

  • Design a signboard for the front area
  • Renew  the sofa reception area
  • Design and renovate the customer consultation area and working area
  • Renovating cabinets, display shelves for spa
  • Redecorate the spa with curtains and lighting systems

Details of Trung Son spa Design

Design a signboard for the front area of ​​Trung Son beauty salon

The main signboard is one of the most important things to invest in for a luxury  beauty salon. Therefore, Mr. Son did not hesitate to spend a large amount of money on this design.

The entire signboard of Trung Son salon is meticulously and uniquely designed with a blue tone that has brought a luxurious and high-class beauty to Trung Son spa.

Thiết kế mặt tiền thẩm mỹ viện Trung Sơn
Design the front  of Trung Son beauty salon

This signboard  is meticulously and uniquely designed with the following details:

  • Face luminous logo box (size 660*660)
  • Set of white stainless steel letters "PHÒNG KHÁM CHUYÊN KHOA THẨM MỸ"  glowing legs (with size 3890*140)
  • Trung Son brand letter set is made from mica, glowing face
  • The spa address set below is made of mica and measures 2920*75
  • UV printed picture box, glowing (1040*2200) on both sides is made of 3mm mica, white stainless steel splint
  • Downlights at the bottom of the sign help illuminate at night.​

Thiết kế biển hiệu thẩm mỹ viện Trung Sơn
Design signboard of Trung Son beauty salon

In addition, above this sign, Masta's architect also designed a small beautiful sign to attract passersby. This set is made from a white stainless steel frame, UV printed mica surface and has double-sided bright lights on the inside.

Renovating the interior space inside Trung Son beauty salon

Inside the shop, it has also been redecorated by Masta architects to turn the spa into surprisingly luxurious and splendid. The use of 2 main color tones, white and gray of the walls, ceiling and brand's blue has made the room much more spacious and pleasant

- Renovating the reception area

The highlight of this room is the soft and luxurious felt upholstered sofa with frame and body made of MDF. This sofa is designed close to the wall to bring comfort to guests while waiting. A beautiful small tea table is designed next to it, which looks quite eye-catching to help adorn the room a lot.

Thiết kế khu vực sofa tiếp khách của spa Trung Sơn
Design of the reception area of Trung Son spa

At this position, Masta's architect also arranged a decorative wall above the long sofa. This wall is made from plaster skeleton, finished with water-based paint and has led lights. In the middle is a printed picture of pipi, with a frame and back made of MDF combined with 5mm thick glass on the face.

- Renovating the reception area

Taking advantage of the existing cashier counter and back logo wall, Masta's architects cleverly renovated this area to be luxurious and eye-catching. Specifically, the logo wall at the reception area is improved with sliding glass doors to create an indescribable beauty for Trung Son spa.

Thiết kế khu vực lễ tân cho spa Trung Sơn
Design the reception area for Trung Son spa

Besides, the architect also takes advantage of this area to arrange a display cabinet of products used in the service, so that customers can refer and choose before consulting. This cabinet is made of 2K spray painted MDF wood frame, with 5mm opening glass doors and damping hinges. The cabinet is divided into many compartments by rounds of 8mm glass with glass edges. The inside of the cabinet is decorated with led lights and downlights to highlight the products on display. Above this cabinet, there is a light box with 2K painted MDF wood frame combined with mika, paintings and white

 - Renovating the customer consultation area

This area is designed and rearranged by a set of consulting tables and chairs, Teabreak table and TV cabinet. All are made from the main material is MDF wood painted 2K. Particularly, the consulting table and Teabreak table are used with 8mm tempered glass painted in blue to create a luxurious beauty for the space.

Thiết kế khu vực tư vấn khách hàng
Design customer consultation area

A green two-side shelf  was chosen to decorate the Trung Son salon. This shelf is made from a white stainless steel frame combined with 2K painted MDF wood and has extremely convenient wheels. The shelf is also divided into many compartments so that users can decorate a variety of green plants for the house. In addition, this green shelf is also used to separate the two areas, the customer consultation area and the private work area.

Sử dụng kệ cây xanh để trang trí cho không gian spa
Use green shelves to decorate the space


 - Renovation for working area

In this space, the architect has arranged a  desk  (1600 * 800 * 860)  with a white stainless steel frame combined with 2K painted MDF wood. The  desk  is covered with an 8mm thick chamfered tempered glass panel. On the right side of the desk, a display cabinet is also made from 2K painted MDF wood, a very pretty white stainless steel frame.

Thiết kế khu vực làm việc sang trọng, hiện đại
Design a luxurious and modern working area

To separate the working area from other areas, Masta used CNC cut wood partitions painted 2K blue.

Vách ngăn trang trí cho không gian thẩm mỹ viện

- Decorations for salon space

To make the salon space brighter and larger than the original one, the architects arranged the following design details:

  • Install 1-layer curtain combined with stainless steel transparent rod in some positions.
  • Decorate the pipi print with the frame and back made from MDF for the room.
  • Combine Spotlight Lights with recessed lights and led lights to bring a pretty good light to the room.

Trang trí nội thất spa bằng rèm, tranh in và ánh sáng
Decorate the spa interior with curtains, prints and lightings

 The shares about Trung Son spa design renovation project in Can Tho above . with many years of experience in spa design and renovation, Masta will definitely bring you new and unique spaces. Masta hopes to contribute a little effort to accelerate your path to your success in business.

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